View Full Version : Westminster Standards citations per verse

Bennett B. Wethered
02-11-2005, 11:09 AM
If there are those in the BW community with the interest and ability (I don't have the latter), I'd like to enlist someone's help in a project.

I have enjoyed the fact that the 3 parts of the Westminster Standards (WCF, WLC, WSC) are in BW (listing the supporting verses for each part), and searchable. I have also benefited from a booklet, printed by Presbyterian Heritage Publications and compiled by Rev. Stephen Pribble, called Scripture Index to the Westminster Standards. In the fashion of a scripture index, found at the end of a theology book or commentary, the verses of Scripture, in order from Gen. 1.1 to Rev. 22.21, listing every time any part of the WS cites a verse as justification for its assertion.

What I would like is to have all of the verses cited in Pribble's work 'tagged,' so that, when I (by some mechanism) want to know if the verse in question supports any part of the WS, I will be able to see that, from within the verse, and not by having to switch to searching the WS. Thus, if I look up John 3.15, I'd find nothing, but at John 3.16, I'd find "WCF 7:3, 8:1; WLC 32, 55, 153." This could be set up so that, as the KJV brings up the TSK cross-references to the right of the window, with all verses showing in full if desired, and the NAS does likewise with its own cross-references, the WS citations (in verses where applicable) could be listed below either of the above-referenced verse lists, with the WS citation (WCF, LC, SC) showing up in full in the AI window below the verses.

I have spoken to BW people in the past about this and, while they sounded open to including such a feature, they hoped someone outside could do the 'tagging' work and send it on to them. I'd love to see this as an internal addition (as I've described) and not as an addendum that a person would have to go looking for to use. - Can anyone help? Thanks in advance!