View Full Version : BW10 scaling on Win10 via Parallels?

05-25-2018, 06:19 PM
Is anyone using BW10 on Win10 that is running on a mac (retina) via Parallels? If so, what scaling options are you using?

The only way I've gotten the BW GUI (e.g., options flags) to be a legible size is to set Parallels to use "scaled -- best for legacy apps" and set all the other scalings to 100%, but that makes all of my other Windows apps less crisp. Does anyone have a setup with Parallels that works well for them?

I've tried all the options, including the "best for Retina" setting in Parallels, but that made <the parts of the BW user interface that are unaffected by the scaling option in BW, such as the options flags and the tab labels> illegibly small -- the equivalent of a 4-point font. This is independent of the BW scaling option and the BW font sizes.

Thanks for any suggestions!