View Full Version : Scrolling one verse at a time

Edmond Weber
05-15-2018, 03:46 PM
Hello some time ago I had this problem "Hello, I recently discovered the possibility to scroll through the Bible one verse at a time. Under Shortcuts it says to activate this scroll mode by pressing ctrl-shift-up or down arrow. This does not work unfortunately with my iMac. Instead if I push this key combination the BW screen as a whole begins to move on my desktop!! Not what I want obviously."

I could solve this problem by what was proposed to me, especially by "if you go to Apple | System Preferences and select Keyboard | Shortcuts, do you have Mission Control and Application windows unchecked? Are there any other keyboard shortcuts set that map to ctl-shift-up/down?"

but now having a Mac laptop, MacbookPro, and I have there the same problem not being able to scroll, although I apply what was said to be done under Mission Control. What can I do? Thank you for helping. Edmond