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02-04-2005, 09:34 AM
After comparing the (freely) available Unicode fonts I have put together a PDF page with the 6 fonts I personally found interesting. Have a look at:

http://www-user.uni-bremen.de/~wie/Unicode-fonts.pdf (http://www-user.uni-bremen.de/~wie/Unicode-fonts.pdf)

The first three are the "normal" ones. Gentium and Minion look very similar. Minion now comes free with Adobe Reader 7. Note that Gentium Alt has the advantage of using the lunate circumflex. Palatino is more wide, better for fast reading.

For comparison I have added the Bibleworks font, which is not Unicode as yet. What is striking is the width of the blank space in the BW font. This makes the general appearance much more beautiful. Compare with the condensed fonts above. I think the space between words should be generally wider in Greek compared to Latin, for a better word separation, because of the many accents.

Test this out by replacing one blank with two blanks using Find/Replace!

The three fonts at the bottom are the more beautiful ones.

Note especially the Porson font, which reminds me of the old UBS versions. It looks a bit bold on the screen, but is very beautiful in the print out!

Download paths for the fonts can be found here:

http://www.russellcottrell.com/greek/fonts.htm (http://www.russellcottrell.com/greek/fonts.htm)

Philip Brown
02-04-2005, 11:38 AM
Thanks for the font info, Wieland! Very helpful.