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02-04-2005, 08:26 AM
Hear ye! Hear ye! A notice to all who are interested in compiling databases to share with other BibleWorks users!

It would be most beneficial if we could begin listing all book and version names that we use as we develope BibleWorks databases to share with others. This will aid those who install the files to avoid conflicts, it will also save the developers the headache of revising files that are in conflict with others.

If you have developed a database for sharing with others please post to this thread the list of book names and version names that you have used. I will then post a master list on my website in the future, noting any conflicts. At that point, we could work out the problems on the forum.

Also, if you have a "wish list" of resources for BibleWorks databases, post the wish list to the forum in the proper book name format so that we can potentially resolve future issues. Of course, the folks at BW can do as they please in future "official databases" but as users, it would be helpful if we could "standardize."

I think it would be best to simply submit the list as the example given below:

Version names:
POT-Pseudepigrapha of the Old Testament by Charles
PHE-The Works of Philo by Yonge

Book names:
Ada,Adam and Eve,L.A.E,L.A.E
ApM,Apocalypse of Moses,Apoc. Mos.,Apoc. Mos.
Sad,Slavonic Adam and Eve,Slav. L.A.E.,Slav. L.A.E.
MrI,Martyrdom of Isaiah,Martyr. Is.,Martyr. Is.
1En,1 Enoch,1 Enoch,1 Enoch
12R,Testament of Reuben,T. Reub.,T. Reub.
12S,Testament of Simeon,T. Sim.,T. Sim.
12L,Testament of Levi,T. Levi,T. Levi
12J,Testament of Judah,T. Judah,T. Judah
12I,Testament of Issachar,T. Issach.,T. Issach.
12Z,Testament of Zebulun,T. Zebul.,T. Zebul.
12D,Testament of Dan,T. Dan,T. Dan
12N,Testament of Naphtali,T. Naph.,T. Naph.
12G,Testament of Gad,T. Gad,T. Gad
12A,Testament of Asher,T. Asher,T. Asher
12O,Testament of Joseph,T. Joseph,T. Joseph
12B,Testament of Benjamin,T. Benj.,T. Benj.
Sib,Sibylline Oracle,Sibyl.,Sibyl.
Asm,Assumption of Moses,Assump. Mos.,Assump. Mos.
2En,2 Enoch,2 Enoch,2 Enoch
2Ba,2 Baruch,2 Bar.,2 Bar.
3Ba,3 Baruch,3 Bar.,3 Bar.
SAA,Syriac A Ahikar,Syr. A Ah.,Syr. A Ah.
SbA,Syriac B Ahikar,Syr. B Ah.,Syr. B Ah.
ArA,Armenian Ahikar,Arm. Ah.,Arm. Ah.
EtA,Ethiopic Ahikar,Eth. Ah.,Eth. Ah.
ElA,Elephantine Ahikar,Eleph. Ah.,Eleph. Ah.
GrA,Greek Ahikar,Greek. Ah.,Greek. Ah.
Tho,Gospel of Thomas,G. Thom.,Thomas,tho
Opi,De opificio mundi,Opif.,On the Creation,opif,,
ALL,Legum allegoriarum,Leg.,Allegorical Interpretation,legum,,
CHE,De cherubim,Cher.,On the Cherubim,cher,,
SAC,De sacrificiis Abelis et Caini,Sacr.,On the Birth of Abel and the Sacrifices Offered by Him and by His Brother Cain,cain,,
DET,Quod deterius potiori insidiari soleat,Det.,That the Worse is Wont to Attack the Better,worse,,
POS,De posteritate Caini,Post.,On the Posterity of Cain and His Exile,posterity,,
GIG,De gigantibus,Gig.,On the Giants,giant,,
DES,Quod deus sit immutabilis,Deus,On the Unchangableness of God,unchangeableness,,
AGR,De agricultura,Agr.,On Husbandry,agriculture,husbandry,
PLA,De plantatione,Plant.,Concerning Noah's Work as a Planter,planter,plantation,
EBR,De ebrietate,Ebr.,On Drunkenness,drunk,,
SOB,De sobrietate,Sob.,On the Prayers and Curses Uttered by Noah When He Became Sober,sobr,sobriety,
LIN,De confusione linguarum,Conf.,On the Confusion of Tongues,confusion,tongues,
MIG,De migratione Abrahami,Mig.,On the Migration of Abraham,mig,migab,
HER,Quis rerum divinarum heres sit,Her.,Who is the Heir of Divine Things?,heir,who is heir,
CON,De congressu eruditionis gratia,Congr.,On Mating with the Preliminary Studies,cong,mating,
FUG,De fuga et inventione,Fug.,On Flight and Finding,fug,flight,
MUT,De mutatione nominum,Mut.,On the Change of Names,change of names,mutation,
SOM,De somniis,Somn.,On Dreams That They are God-Sent,somn,dreams,
ABR,De Abrahamo,Abr.,On Abraham,Abr,abe,
JSP,De Josepho,Ios.,On Joseph,joseph,ios,
VMO,De vita Mosis,Mos.,On the Life of Moses,mos,vmos,vita mos,
DEC,De decalogo,Decal.,The Decalogue,decalog,,
SPE,De specialibus legibus,Spec.,The Special Laws,speclaws,special,
VIR,De virtutibus,Virt.,On the Virtues,virtues,virt,
DPP,De praemiis et poenis + De exsecrationibus,Praem.,On Rewards and Punishments,rewards,rewards and punishments,
OMN,Quod omnis probus liber sit,Prob.,Every Good Man is Free,quod omnis,probus,
CTP,De vita contemplative,Contempl.,On the Contemplative Life or Suppliants,vitacontemp,contemplative,
AET,De aeternitate mundi,Aet.,On the Eternity of the World,eternity of the world,on eternity,
FLA,In Flaccum,Flacc.,Flaccus,flacc,flaccus,
GAI,Legatio ad Gaium,Legat.,On the Embassy to Gaius,Gaius,to gaius,
Hyp,Hypothetica sive Apologia pro Judaeis,Hypoth.,Hypothetica: Apology for the Jews,hypothetica,pro judaeis,
PRV,De providentia,Prov.,On Providence: Fragment,on providence,prov,,
QGN,Quaestiones in Genesim (fragmenta),QG,Questions and Answers on Genesis,Q&AonGen,G&Agen,
CTW,On the Incorruptibility of the World,On the Incorruptibility of the World,incorruptibility,incorrupt,,

Michael Hanel
02-04-2005, 10:34 AM
Databases posted:
ANF - Ante Nicene Fathers
HHG - Homer and Hesiod in Greek

Book Names
JAp,The Apology of Justin,JAp,JAP
DJT,Dialogue of Justin with Trypho a Jew,DJT,DJT
JDi,Justin's Discourse to the Greeks,JDi,JDi
JHG,Justin's Hortatory Address to the Greeks,JHG,JHG
JSG,Justin on the Sole Government of God,JSG,JSG
FJR,Fragments of Justin on the Resurrection,FJR,FJR
IH1,Irenaeus Against Heresies Book 1,IH1,IH1
IH2,Irenaeus Against Heresies Book 2,IH2,IH2
IH3,Irenaeus Against Heresies Book 3,IH3,IH3
IH4,Irenaeus Against Heresies Book 4,IH4,IH4
IH5,Irenaeus Against Heresies Book 5,IH5,IH5
TAG,Tatian's address to the Greeks,TAG,TAG
TAA,Theophilus of Antioch to Autolycus,TAA,TAA
PCA,Plea for the Christians by Athenagoras,PCA,PCA
ARD,Athenagoras On the Resurrection of the Dead,ARD,ARD
CEH,Clement of Alexandria Exhortation to the Heathen,CEH,CEH
CI1,Clement of Alexandria Instructor Book 1,CI1,CI1
CI2,Clement of Alexandria Instructor Book 2,CI2,CI2
CI3,Clement of Alexandria Instructor Book 3,CI3,CI3
CS1,Clement of Alexandria Stromata Book 1,CS1,CS1
CS2,Clement of Alexandria Stromata Book 2,CS2,CS2
CS3,Clement of Alexandria Stromata Book 3,CS3,CS3
CS4,Clement of Alexandria Stromata Book 4,CS4,CS4
CS5,Clement of Alexandria Stromata Book 5,CS5,CS5
CS6,Clement of Alexandria Stromata Book 6,CS6,CS6
CS7,Clement of Alexandria Stromata Book 7,CS7,CS7
CS8,Clement of Alexandria Stromata Book 8,CS8,CS8
TAp,Tertullian Apology,TAp,TAP
TID,Tertullian On Idolatry,TID,TID
TSh,Tertullian The Shows,TSh,TSH
TCh,Tertullian The Chaplet,TCh,TCH
TTS,Tertullain To Scapula,TTS,TTS
TAD,Tertullian Ad Nationes,TAD,TAD
TAJ,Tertullian Answer to the Jews,TAJ,TAJ
TST,Tertullian The Soul's Testimony,TST,TST
TSo,Tertullian Treatise on the Soul,TSo,TSO
TPH,Tertullian Prescription against Heretics,TPH,TPH
TM1,Tertullian Against Marcion Book 1,TM1,TM1
TM2,Tertullian Against Marcion Book 2,TM2,TM2
TM3,Tertullian Against Marcion Book 3,TM3,TM3
TM4,Tertullian Against Marcion Book 4,TM4,TM4
TM5,Tertullian Against Marcion Book 5,TM5,TM5
TAH,Tertullian Against Hermogenes,TAH,TAH
TAV,Tertullian Against the Valentinians,TAV,TAV
TFC,Tertullian On the Flesh of Christ,TFC,TFC
TRF,Tertullian On the Resurrection of the Flesh,TRF,TRF
TPR,Tertullian Against Praxeas,TPR,TPR
TSC,Tertullian Scorpiace,TSC,TSC
AAH,Tertullian Against all Heresies,AAH,AAH
TOR,Tertullian On Repentance,TOR,TOR
TBa,Tertullian On Baptism,TBa,TBa
TOP,Tertullian On Prayer,TOP,TOP
TAM,Tertullian Ad Martyras,TAM,TAM
TPF,Tertullian Martyrdom of Perpetua and Felicitas,TPF,TPF
TPA,Tertullian On Patience,TPA,TPA
TPl,Tertullian On the Pallium,TPl,TPl
TAW,Tertullian On the Apparel of Women,TAW,TAW
TVV,Tertullian On the Veiling of Virgins,TVV,TVV
THW,Tertullian To His Wife,THW,THW
TEC,Tertullian On Exhortation to Chastity,TEC,TEC
TOM,Tertullian On Monogamy,TOM,TOM
TMd,Tertullian On Modesty,TMD,TMD
TOF,Tertullian On Fasting,TOF,TOF
TFP,Tertullian De Fuga in Persecutione,TFP,TFP
MFO,Minucius Felix The Octavius,MFO,MFO
MFC,Minucius Felix Instructions of Commodianus,MFC,MFC
OPP,Origen De Principiis Prologue,OPP,OPP
OP1,Origen De Principiis Book 1,OP1,OP1
OP2,Origen De Principiis Book 2,OP2,OP2
OP3,Origen De Principiis Book 3,OP3,OP3
OLt,Origen Letters,OLt,OLt
OAC,Origen Against Celsus,OAC,OAC
HRH,Hippolytus Refutation of All Heresies,HRH,HRH
LPC,Pontius the Deacon Life and Passion of Cyprian,LPC,LPC
CEp,Cyprian Epistles of Cyprian,CEp,CEP
CTr,Cyprian Treatises of Cyprian,CTr,CTR
CEM,Cyprian Exhortation to Martyrdom,CEM,CEM
CAJ,Cyprian Three Books of Testimonies Against the Jews,CAJ,CAJ
SCC,Seventh Council of Carthage re: Baptism of Heretics,SCC,SCC
TMC,The Muratorian Canon,TMC,TMC
NTT,Novatian Treatise re: the Trinity,NTT,NTT
NJM,Novation On the Jewish Meats,NJM,NJM
AAN,Anonymous Treatise Against Novatian,AAN,AAN
ATB,Anonymous Treatise on Re-Baptism,ATB,ATB
TDF,Gregory Thaumaturgus Declaration of Faith,TDF,TDF
TME,Gregory Thaumaturgus Metaphrase of Ecclesiastes,TME,TME
TCE,Gregory Thaumaturgus Canonical Epistle,TCE,TCE
TPO,Gregory Thaumaturgus Panegyric to Origen,TPO,TPO

ILI,The Iliad,The Iliad,Ili,Iliad
ODY,The Odyssey,The Odyssey,Ody,Odyssey
SHI,Shield of Herakles,Shield of Herakles,Shi,Shield
WAD,Works & Days,Works & Days,WAD,Works

Mark Langley
02-07-2005, 11:25 AM
Databases posted.

Version names:

FCT - 14th Century English Version (1 John - Jude)
GGM - The Gospel of Mark in Gothic
ASM - The Gospel of Mark in Anglo-Saxon

Mark Eddy
02-08-2005, 08:52 PM
I have made minor changes to the book names of the following databases which have been offered by others (notably Brian Beers) as well as myself.
BOM Book of Mormon
QUR Quran
BUK Hadith al-Bukhari
MUS Hadith Muslim

I also provided various languages of the Creeds:
CRE Creeds in English
CRG Creeds in Greek
CDL Creeds in Latin
CDG Creeds in German

The following are the book names currently in use for the above versions:
1Ne,1 Nephi,1 Ne.,1 Ne
2Ne,2 Nephi,2 Ne.,2 Ne
Wor,Words of Mormon,Wds of Mor.,Wds of Mor
3Ne,3 Nephi,3 Ne.,3 Ne
4Ne,4 Nephi,4 Ne.,4 Ne
DnC,Doctrine and Covenants,D&C,D&C
OD1,Official Declaration 1,OD1,OD1
OD2,Official Declaration 2,OD2,OD2
AoF,Articles of Faith,AOF,AoF
JSH,Joseph Smith - History,JSH,JSH
JSM,Joseph Smith - Matthew,JSM,JSM
Inh,The Rules of Inheritance,Inh.,INH
Res,Responsibility of Murders,Resp.,RES
Pun,Punishments Prescribed by Islam,Pun.,PUN
JDe,Judicial Decisions,JDec.,JDE
Jih,Jihad and Expedition,Jih.,JIH
Sla,Games & Animals Slaughtered,Sla.,SLA
Clo,Clothes and Decoration,Clothes,CLO
Beh,General Behaviour,Beh.,BEH
Wrd,Use of Correct Words,Words,WRD
Qua,Qualities of the Holy Prophet,Qual.,QUA
Com,The Merits of the Companions,Companions,COM
VGM,Virtue and Good Manners,Virtue,VGM
Rem,Remembrance of Allah,Rem.,REM
Hea,Heart-Melting Traditions,Heart Trad.,HEA
Par,Judgement & Paradise & Hell,Par.,PAR
Bou,Bounties of Paradise,Bounties,BOU
Por,Portents of the Last Hour,Portents,POR
Pie,Piety & Softening of Hearts,Piety,PIE
Buk,Sahih al-Bukhari,Bukhari,Buk,Hadith
Apc,Apostles' Creed,APC,Apc
Nic,Nicene Creed,NIC,Nic
NCC,Niceno-Constantinopolitan Creed,NCC,N-CC
Ath,Athanasian Creed,ATH,Ath
Cha,Creed of Chalcedon,CHA,Cha

The above abbreviations avoid certain duplicate abbreviations which existed in the files previously offered by others.

Mark Eddy