View Full Version : Can I install BibleWorks in a Mac and copy info and paste it in a Word document?

11-08-2016, 12:16 PM
Can I install BibleWorks 10 in a Mac and then copy something from it, like a verse (in English, Greek or Hebrew) and paste it in a Word document running in the same Mac via Parallels (a virtualized environment to run Windows in the Mac)? Or if I will be doing this it is best to install BibleWorks 10 in the Parallels program itself? Thanks for whoever can help!!!

11-08-2016, 06:30 PM
Depending on how you have Parallels set up, but can copy can paste from just about any application on the Parallels side to the MacOS side. BibleWorks has not been an exception in the past. However, if work in BibleWorks 10, this really shouldn't be necessary. Just install in directly on Mac, without Parallels. I'm a pretty extensive user of BW on Mac and there is really very little difference between my experience on the Mac verses on Parallels. In fact, after a month or so of running both ways, I actually just deleted my instance of Parallels, because I found it simply wasn't necessary to open Parallels anymore.