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Clinton Branscombe
01-26-2005, 07:31 PM
In another thread someone suggested exporting the newly updated NLT in order to compare it to the original NLT. I decided to give it a try. No problem to export the file to a txt file. With a couple of tries to get the notes properly formatted, I succeeded in compiling the exported file. The following anomaly showed up.

The version info for the source file I exported says (I have not yet replaced it with the original NLT):

Version ID: NLT
Description: New Living Translation
Language: English
Number of Books: 66
Number of Chapters: 1189
Number of Verses: 31104
Number of Blank Verses: 0
Total Number of Words: 747007
Number of Unique Words: 14698

However, my newly compiled version info says:

Version ID: NLR
Description: New Living Translation Revised (2005)
Language: English
Number of Books: 66
Number of Chapters: 1189
Number of Verses: 31064
Number of Blank Verses: 40
Total Number of Words: 749662
Number of Unique Words: 14673

I am curious about the number of blank verses. Is there an easy method to find them? Notice also that both the total number of words and the unique words is different. Did I do something wrong?



Philip Brown
01-26-2005, 09:39 PM
Hi, Clinton,

I exported the old and recompiled myself. The problem is with the original statement that there were no blank verses -- that's not true. Just for starters, both the 1996 and the 2005 version do not have a Numbers 1:21. It's combined with v. 20

Here's the list of blanks I got when I compiled the 1996 version
Blank: Num 1:21
Blank: Num 1:23
Blank: Num 1:25
Blank: Num 1:27
Blank: Num 1:29
Blank: Num 1:31
Blank: Num 1:33
Blank: Num 1:35
Blank: Num 1:37
Blank: Num 1:39
Blank: Num 1:41
Blank: Num 1:43
Blank: Num 2:4
Blank: Num 2:6
Blank: Num 2:8
Blank: Num 2:11
Blank: Num 2:13
Blank: Num 2:15
Blank: Num 2:19
Blank: Num 2:21
Blank: Num 2:23
Blank: Num 2:26
Blank: Num 2:28
Blank: Num 2:30
Blank: Mat 17:21
Blank: Mat 18:11
Blank: Mat 23:14
Blank: Mar 7:16
Blank: Mar 9:44
Blank: Mar 9:46
Blank: Mar 11:26
Blank: Mar 15:28
Blank: Luk 17:36
Blank: Luk 23:17
Blank: Joh 5:4
Blank: Act 8:37
Blank: Act 15:34
Blank: Act 24:7
Blank: Act 28:29
Blank: Rom 16:24
Blank: Heb 13:21
Building DBX File
31103 vss, 1189 chs, 66 bks, 41 blanks