View Full Version : Best retina-setting on Fusion

06-16-2016, 03:23 PM
Hi all,

Perhaps this question is a "windows"-one - but I am trying out BW 10 on a retina and run it under fusion 7. There are several options as how to tweak the setup in the best way. You can:
- choose if Fusion should run in full resolution mode. If you choose that it starts windows up in 2880-1800.
- but then you need to tweak settings in BW. That is done under View/Scaling. Here I get three options: Internal scale option + main toolbar size + system scaling option.

My question is what works best here? If I use 200% scale + Bibleworks scales itself - it sort of works. But there are some scaling problems here and there (e.g. tabs).

Any suggestions for a better setup?