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01-23-2005, 04:39 AM
Ok so here is what happened. I decided to use the update file for the apostolic fathers greek, so I did. I downloaded it, everything went fine, I used the compiler for both the greek and latin, and everything was successful. Then i went to read them in bibleworks and for the latin ,99% of the lines were blank, and for the Greek, It says that I am using APF in the window where you can choose what version to use, but on the screen itself that displays the bible, it says I am using the APL and its blank. I pick the greek aparatus for the fathers and it shows the Latin yet there is nothing in the Latin. So apparantly the greek aparatus isn't working and the latin txt file is way to small. What should I do? Everything was fine before I decided to update, dohh.


01-23-2005, 05:26 AM
I am continuing trying to figure out what is going on and i can't. Everything was going fine before i updated it. Is there anyway I can get back the regular files that came with Bibleworks without having to start bibleworks all over again? I tried to repair it using the CD but that just made me go back to version 6.11.05 and erased all of my preferences, etc... What should I do? I need the apostolic greek and latin to work.


Joe Fleener
01-23-2005, 03:19 PM
Now that you are back at an older, the first thing I would do is run your update again to make sure you have the latest executable.

Most of the Apostolic Fathers did not right in latin so there is nothing in Latin.

What you should do is set you search version to APF or APM. Set your display versions to APF and APL.

As an example if you do the above and you view 1 Clement 1:1 You will see text for APF, but nothing for APL. This is not a problem with the Latin text file, but just that Clement wrote in Greek.

However, if you view Polycarp 10:1 you will see for APL and not for APF.

I hope this helps.

01-23-2005, 06:23 PM
Hey Joe,

Well all is well. Last night I undid the repair which brought me to 6.5 because I thought it erased all of my bibles I added using the compiler. However, today I tried it again and realized that all of my preferences are still there as well as all of the bibles I downloaded and put through the compiler. I was suprised at this but it was awsome that it keeps all your old settings even when you go back to 6.5. I then went to update and it showed all of my previous updates to which I just did them all again which took about 3 minutes. The apostolic fathers in greek and latin were working just fine. Thank you for your reply. I love bibleworks lol, it keeps on suprising me with its efficiency.