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01-19-2005, 03:58 PM
I have installed and compiled the APD apostolic fathers file in English and would like to get a list of the names for the Book Abbreviations. Secondly, the like to ante-Nicene through volume 5 appears to be dead.

thanks in advance,

Ron Snider

Michael Hanel
01-19-2005, 05:38 PM
Ron, I think the problem is with the hyperlink in Jim's post. if you type in http://www.cune.org/michael.hanel/ANF.zip it should work for you. Keep in mind that work on ANF has kind of stopped because we were hoping someone could convert it into HTML Help files....

and for the book names, in a text editor open your books.bna file and add this to the end of it:

1Cl,1Cl 1 Clement,1 Clem.,1Clem,1 Clem

2Cl,2Cl 2 Clement,2 Clem.,2Clem,2 Clem

Brn,Brn Epistle of Barnabas,Barn.,Barn,Barnabas

Pap,Pap Fragments of Papias,Pap.,Pap,Papias

Dio,Dio Epistle to Diognetus,Diogn.,Dio,Diog

IEp,IEp Ignatius to the Ephesians,Ign. Eph.,IEph,I Eph

IEl,IEl Ignatius to the Ephesians (long),Ign. Eph. l.,IEphl,I Eph l

IMg,IMg Ignatius to the Magnesians,Ign. Magn.,IMg,I Mg

IMl,IMl Ignatius to the Magnesians (long),Ign. Magn. l.,IMgl,I Mg l

ITr,ITr Ignatius to the Trallians,Ign. Trall.,ITr,I Tr

ITl,ITl Ignatius to the Trallians (long),Ign. Trall. l.,ITrl,I Tr l

IRo,IRo Ignatius to the Romans,Ign. Rom.,IRo,I Ro,IRm

IRl,IRl Ignatius to the Romans (long),Ign. Rom. l.,IRol,I Ro l

IPh,IPh Ignatius to the Philadelphians,Ign. Phld.,IPh,I Ph

IPl,IPl Ignatius to the Philadelphians (long),Ign. Phld. l.,IPhl,I Ph l

ISm,ISm Ignatius to the Smyrnaeans,Ign. Smyrn.,ISm,I Sm

ISl,ISl Ignatius to the Smyrnaeans (long),Ign. Smyrn. l.,ISml,I Sm l

IPo,IPo Ignatius to Polycarp,Ign. Pol.,IPo,I Po

IPc,IPc Ignatius to Polycarp (long),Ign. Pol. l.,IPol,I Po l

Pol,Pol Polycarp to the Philippians,Pol. Phil,Pol,Polycarp,PPh

MPo,MPo Martyrdom of Polycarp,Mart. Pol.,MPol,Mart.

HV1,HV1 Hermas Vision 1,Herm. Vis. 1,Vis1

HV2,HV2 Hermas Vision 2,Herm. Vis. 2,Vis2

HV3,HV3 Hermas Vision 3,Herm. Vis. 3,Vis3

HV4,HV4 Hermas Vision 4,Herm. Vis. 4,Vis4

HV5,HV5 Hermas Vision 5,Herm. Vis. 5,Vis5

HMA,HMA Hermas Mandate 1,Herm. Mand. 1,Man1

HMB,HMB Hermas Mandate 2,Herm. Mand. 2,Man2

HMC,HMC Hermas Mandate 3,Herm. Mand. 3,Man3

HMD,HMD Hermas Mandate 4,Herm. Mand. 4,Man4

HME,HME Hermas Mandate 5,Herm. Mand. 5,Man5

HMF,HMF Hermas Mandate 6,Herm. Mand. 6,Man6

HMG,HMG Hermas Mandate 7,Herm. Mand. 7,Man7

HMH,HMH Hermas Mandate 8,Herm. Mand. 8,Man8

HMI,HMI Hermas Mandate 9,Herm. Mand. 9,Man9

HMJ,HMJ Hermas Mandate 10,Herm. Mand. 10,Man10

HMK,HMK Hermas Mandate 11,Herm. Mand. 11,Man11

HML,HML Hermas Mandate 12,Herm. Mand. 12,Man12

HSA,HSA Hermas Similitude 1,Herm. Sim. 1,Sim1

HSB,HSB Hermas Similitude 2,Herm. Sim. 2,Sim2

HSC,HSC Hermas Similitude 3,Herm. Sim. 3,Sim3

HSD,HSD Hermas Similitude 4,Herm. Sim. 4,Sim4

HSE,HSE Hermas Similitude 5,Herm. Sim. 5,Sim5

HSF,HSF Hermas Similitude 6,Herm. Sim. 6,Sim6

HSG,HSG Hermas Similitude 7,Herm. Sim. 7,Sim7

HSH,HSH Hermas Similitude 8,Herm. Sim. 8,Sim8

HSI,HSI Hermas Similitude 9,Herm. Sim. 9,Sim9

HSJ,HSJ Hermas Similitude 10,Herm. Sim. 10,Sim10

Did,Did Didache,Did,Did,Didache

if you need more help on book names go to BibleWorks help index under that topic

Mike Hanel
MDiv Student Concordia Seminary
MA Classics Student Washington University

01-19-2005, 06:41 PM
thank you very much for the quick response...it was just what I needed.