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06-15-2015, 05:43 PM
[I discovered that deleting an entry in the External Links Manager corrupts the following entry. I have repaired the file, and the even newer and more improved one is now attached.]

The BibleWorks External Links Manager allows you to create connections to a variety of local and online resources. All the links are saved in the ShellExec.txt file which is located in your Bibleworks/init subdirectory.
The existing one (applying to all versions of BW including v10 as of June 2015) is limited and has a number of obsolete links. I have updated it and provided some other resources you may find helpful.

In particular, some things to note:

Youíll see that Iíve created direct links to a number of English versions that are not available in BW. (CEV, Good News, Message, Voice)
Iíve updated/corrected the links to Perseus and TLG.
Added links to OpenText Clause Analysis, LaParola GNT Apparatus, NET and Lumina Bible Studies online.
Provided links to a number of online dictionaries and resources like Wikipedia, Latin dictionaries, German-English dictionary, OpenBible.info, Jewish Encyclopedia, etc.
The BW Bible Versions Abbreviations is there because I have so many English ones that I no longer have the descriptions but only the abbreviations.

E.g., here is what mine looks like when right clicking on a Greek word:

Since it is language sensitive, you get slightly different choices when right clicking an English (or Hebrew or Latin...) word.

If you want to try this out...

Make a copy of your copy of your existing ShellExec.txt file found in your init subdirectory.
Download the attached file and rename it to ShellExec.txt (overwriting your original)
Start BW

NOTE: Not every link will always work. It sometimes depends on how abbreviations for Bible book names are handled.

You will find that at least one entry is path specific (the BW Bible version abbreviations), but I have made a note indicating the path needs to be confirmed/edited:

You will also find some links that I have not enabled. Some are old links that are no longer necessary because BW has incorporated the texts. (E.g., the Targumim English translations)
One that you may want to check out and activate is the one for narrating the Hebrew Bible. The link is provided to Michael Bushellís Old in the New site.

06-15-2015, 07:22 PM
MGVH all I can say in my "Gomer Pyle" voice is "THANK YA THANK YA THANK YA"

06-15-2015, 10:48 PM
You are welcome, Precha1!
I think you grabbed a bad copy of the ShellExec file. Try using the updated one in my corrected entry.

10-29-2020, 09:40 AM
Thank you for the links, I'll read into that. We in church school are now complying a research paper to be published on https://paperwriter.com/research-paper-writer for everyone to read. The latest Bible studies are too interesting to miss on them so I recommend you checking it out.

01-27-2021, 06:00 PM
MGVH all I can say in my "Gomer Pyle" voice is "THANK YA THANK YA THANK YA"