View Full Version : Bibleworks with new (returning!) "Desktops" feature in Windows 10

04-26-2015, 10:56 PM
Some may recall that Windows used to have a "Desktops" feature like the Mac decades ago (I think) starting with Windows 3.1. I think there was an add-on later with Windows XP. At any rate, the feature is back now with Windows 10 and it is excellent in general but in particular, it's great for bible study.
I have a Surface Pro 3 and 2 additional 19" ViewSonic monitors, one on each side of the Surface for a 3 screen layout.

Now, with the Desktops feature, I created another Desktop and open up ERMIE, biblearc.com and BibleWorks 9 plus OneNote for notetaking. When I need to switch back to other business (mainly my full-time job, or, on another Desktop, things related to my Air Force Reserve career) I can do that just by clicking to one of my other Desktops. Really cuts down the clutter and you can preserve where you're at with your study and keep things displayed as you like between Desktops.

I'm guessing the same is possible with a Mac. I haven't set up BibleWorks on my MacBook Pro as it is property of my full-time employer (ironically, Microsoft).


Dan Phillips
04-29-2015, 09:21 AM
So is Windows 10 now compatible with BW9 and BW10?