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S A Wells
12-09-2004, 01:01 PM
The seminary I attend is pretty particular when it comes to formatting for research papers. In light of this, I've noticed that the addition of Bwgrkl and/or Bwhebb text increases the line spacing from what it normally is when using Times New Roman, MS Office 2000. Is there a way to set up line spacing so that no change occurs when entering Greek or Hebrew font or is this just a reality of the BW fonts?


Scott Wells

David Kummerow
12-09-2004, 05:26 PM
Philip Brown answered a question like this back in the Topica days. I kept a copy of the email:

1. I handled the line height issue in my dissertation
by setting the line height to an exact pt size. For
example: Format | Paragraph | Line Spacing -- set to
Exactly 14 pt -- that's about the equivalent of the
normal "Single" line height. This will ensure that
all line's stay an equal height.
Note: It will also visually cut off the vowel
markings below the line, but they will print fine.

2. To change the default font size when using the
BibleWorks Word Add-in, do the following steps
a) Tools | Templates and Add-ins -- uncheck whad97.dot
b) Find where your whad97.dot is located. In Word:
File | Open | set file type to Templates *.dot
c) Look in c:\Documents and Settings\<your
directory\Application Data\Microsoft\Word\STARTUP
If you can't find it there, use the Windows search
tool -- that's how I found mine. (But don't open the
file from the search tool)
d) Open whad97.dot in Word.
e) Tools | Macro | Visual Basic Editor (or Alt + F11
if you're already familiar with the VBA IDE in Office)
g)In the Project Explorer pane (View | Project
Explorer}, expand the Modules folder under
h) When you expand this folder you will see, among
others, the following Modules:
i) Double click on which ever you use (or do the
following in both modules)
j) Find the line that reads WordBasic.Font "Bwhebb",
k) Replace 18 with whatever font size you want it to
default to.

Save everything and close whad97.dot
Go back to Tools | Templates and Add-ins -- recheck

Hope this helps.

David Kummerow.