View Full Version : BW8: Can I stack the Search, Browse, and Analysis panes? (Win8 Tablet, HP Omni)

Joshua Luna
12-22-2013, 10:09 PM
Is it possible to stack the Search, Browse, and Analysis panes in BibleWorks 8?

I recently received a Windows 8.1 (full, not RT) tablet (HP Omni 10) and have been fiddling with my layout and after a number of hours playing around I think the above scenario would be the most useful due to the displays size (10.1 inch).

I am using the tablet a lot of Portrait mode (tall) as this works great to see an entire page in a Word Document or a entire page in a PDF book. Obviously 3 columns is too narrow but stacking the Analysis/Browse windows gives some breathing room--but not a ton. Going the next step and stacking all three would be perfect.


For those wondering about the device: The tablet has a crisp 1920x1200 (16:10) so I have set Windows to scale everything, which works fine. I did have to set down the fonts in BW a little. The tablet has the new Intel Atom out-of-order processors (Bay Trail) and 2GB of memory so it is snappy. No problems having Word, BW, FireFox with Zotero, and a large PDF book open at the same time. To install BW I just copied the DVD to an SD card on my PC and then plugged it in the tablet and installed.

Jim Wert
12-23-2013, 02:16 PM
You can stack Search pane, Browse window, and Analysis window (see illustration below).
I don't think you can do what you probably want to do, stack the multi-purpose pane that displays Words, Context, Version Info, Resources, Notes, Editor, X-Refs, and Stats, as well as Analysis.


To do this, you must have the 3 panes side-by-side; strange things happen next if you have the multi-purpose pane under the browse one.
From main menu, View, select New Browse Window. There should already be an Analysis window at the bottom of the new browse window.
Now just re-size your main window to only display the Search pane and move your New Browse Window, with Analysis window included, below it.

And so, by a careful, literal reading of you request, it is quite possible to do what you requested.

Joshua Luna
12-23-2013, 03:20 PM
Thanks Jim!! I will give this a try tonight as that is 95% of what I wanted--much appreciation!

Yes, having the "Multipurpose" pane (which I called Analysis as that is the first tab) would have been ideal BUT your idea should work well if I can figure it out. Thanks for taking the time to reply, your feedback was exactly what I needed :)

Mark Eddy
12-23-2013, 04:06 PM
There is another alternative which gives part of what you want. Although I am using BW9, it would be the same in BW8:
In "Tools" under "Options" click on "Search Window Configuration Options" and check the box next to "Put analysis Window under Browse Window."

This produces two columns. The Favorites tabs, Command line, and search verse list would still display along the left hand side of the screen. But the right side will have the Browse Window on top with the various tabs (including the Analysis Window, Resources, Notes, Editor, etc. under it. If you make the left hand column only wide enough to see the verses (not any words in them) the right hand column can display a lot of information.

Mark Eddy