View Full Version : Using Search Limits with Cross Version searches

Jim Wert
11-10-2013, 05:25 PM
Background: From a discussion with a friend, the question of the use of the English words "compassion*" in various translations arose. He had a list of the 41 verses that use it in KJV. (He copied the list from his great-grandfather's copy of Strong's; from his description it may have been a first edition).

I wanted to get a sense of how often different English versions would use the word. To make the comparison more meaningful I decided to exclude the apocryphal books. I tried this search range:


When I ran the search, it gave me only versions that contained both the Old and New testaments. Upon reflection, this made sense, since BW isn't smart enough to realize that what I wanted was all books between Gen and Rev, whether or not a given version contained Gen or Rev.

So then I used this Booklist:


And the result was what I wanted.

The moral of the story: be careful when using range limits for versions other than the one named in the definition of the range limit.

(In case anyone is curious, here are a few of the results, all in number of hits rather than number of verses:
KJV - 43
NAS/NAU - 113
YLT - 18
CSB - 127
CEB - 110
JPS - 77; TNK - 55
RSV - 55; ESV - 56; NRS - 65
NIVO - 92; NIRV - 0; TNIV - 85; NIV - 86)