View Full Version : Memo for Recent Customers of BibleWorks 9 Revision 4 DVDs

07-15-2013, 11:12 AM
Itís come to our attention that under some circumstances the Luther Bible in BibleWorks 9 Revision 4 is not installing properly. A fix for this problem has been issued (see below). In addition, in order to receive future Internet updates to NA28, LUT, and VUL, if you installed BibleWorks 9 Revision 4 before 10 July 2013 or your computer was not online when you installed, you also need to follow the steps below.

Solution: If you installed BibleWorks 9 Revision 4 before 10 July 2013 or you were not online when you installed BibleWorks 9 Revision 4, at your convenience you will need to a) uninstall BibleWorks 9, b) ensure your computer is connected to the Internet, and c) reinstall BibleWorks using the BibleWorks 9 Revision 4 DVDs. This uninstall/reinstall sequence need be done only once and will enable you to apply any future updates to the three new texts. Instructions for uninstalling BibleWorks appear here:

We regret the inconvenience. Please contact BibleWorks Customer Support, http://www.bibleworks.com/support.html, should you have any questions or concerns.