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Benjamin Elliff
05-22-2013, 01:36 PM
Hi friends,

Here's an interesting question.

I'm using BW8.

The Word List Manager is great for finding the frequency of each noun in a given corpus. But I would like to take things a step further. How could I produce some sort of "Noun-pattern List Manager," something that would tell me how often each mishqal is used in a given range of verses? So the output for Kings should be something like

ספר-pattern 1693 times
שם-pattern 547 times

and so on.

I have grouped the nominal lexemes in the HB into several hundred patterns. How can I set things up so that BW will give me a list of the frequencies with which each pattern occurs in whatever book I choose?

I guess the larger question is how to find the frequencies of groups of lexemes rather than individual lexemes. For instance, if I divided all of the lexemes in the HB into building terms, household terms, political terms, etc., how could I generate a list of how often each type of term occurs in a given section of the HB?

Thanks for the input!


Glenn Weaver
05-23-2013, 09:02 AM
Hi Benjamin,

The first step would be to create your lists. The Word List Manager is the tool to do this. Save each seperate list of words as an IEL file. (For what you are doing, it would probably be best to create your list using the WTM. Do not include any morph info in your word list.) Be sure that you do not have any spaces in the file name, or it won't be usable on the Command Line when we search over your word list. Save your files to the BibleWorks 9 | ASE folder.

Once you have your lists of words, you can search for all the words on the list using either the Command Line or the Graphical Search Engine.

To search on the word lists from the Command Line, begin by setting your search version. This should be the same version that you used to create the word list. Now right-click in the Command Line, and select "Insert Word List File Name" from the context menu. Press enter to run the search.

The Command Line will search for every word in your word list. If your word list is comprised of lemmas from a morph version, you can add an @ at sign after the word list name on the Command Line and enter morph codes in the same way that you would enter morph codes after a single lemma. In this way you can include a variety of words in your list, but limit the search to only nouns, or only verbs, or only second person, etc.

You can then see your search frequencies in the status bar or in the Stats Tab. If you use the Stats Tab and set the display to show Books, you do not have to set any search limits before running your search. You can see what books contain hits and how many hits are contained in each book.