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02-06-2013, 09:53 AM
Hello. Is there a way to create an Armenian or Georgian database using VDC? What encoding should the source txt file have? Thank you.

Mark Eddy
02-06-2013, 11:23 PM
Read BibleWorks Help chapter 61 "Compiling Version Databases," and it will explain everything. If Georgian or Armenian use letter or diacritical marks not on the English keyboard, you may have to use a different keyboard to produce your arm.txt file or geo.txt file using Wordpad or Notepad. But there should be no problem compiling it. Just remember that every verse needs to begin with the full reference. For example:
Gen 1:1 In the beginning...
Gen 1:2 And the earth ...
If after you have read Help chapter 61 you still have questions, ask again.
God bless your efforts.
Mark Eddy

02-07-2013, 01:45 PM
I am sorry. Probably, I was not clear enough. The text looks more or less like the two verses below. This is Unicode, but BW9, as far as I understand it, does not accept Unicode in user-created modules. Saving the file as ANSI replaces all Georgian characters with question marks. So, I wonder what encoding should I use in the source text file to have BW9 accept it. Choosing Language "Other" and Locale "Georgian_Georgia.0" gives this error message: "The specified locale string is invalid." Any way to go around it? Thanks.

Gen 1:1 თავდაპირველად შექმნა ცა და დედამიწა. ებრაულად ბერეშით. ებრაულ ენაზე ბიბლიის პირველი წიგნი ამ პირველი სიტყვითაა დასათაურებული.
Gen 1:2 დედამიწა იყო უფორმო და უდაბური. სიბნელე იყო ღრმა წყლის ზედაპირზე და ღვთის მოქმედი ძალა იძვროდა წყლის ზევით.

Mark Eddy
02-07-2013, 09:42 PM
I am sorry that I did not understand your question exactly. The BibleWorks Version Database Compiler, as you now know, does not use Unicode. Everything must be in ASCII form. I do not know if there is a program which can convert Unicode to the standard keyboard letters. Someone else may be able to help you. I have never been impressed by Unicode. I find it difficult to work with.
Mark Eddy