View Full Version : Loss of popup info (BibleWorks 6)

11-21-2004, 04:49 AM
When I originally installed BibleWorks 6 I seem to recall this great historical data that would also pop up in addition to the the Strong's data..

Example... John 1:1 "the Word was God".... Running the cursor over the "word" gives me the strong's data, but the original defaults provided a little history of that phrase to the Greeks, and the Jews.

That supplimental data no longer "pops up."

I do have the strong's data, but I don't have the historical data....Have I changed views accidently, because I don't know how to switch back, or is this a genuine "bug," that arrived with my updates?

I do see under options where I can enable and disable popups, but this seems to effect only Strongs, and the other information was supplimental to the standard Strongs popup.


Philip Brown
11-21-2004, 10:22 PM
Hi, John,

I'm still getting that 'historical data' you mentioned when I place my cursor over the word "Word" in the KJV.

Here's how to get it again:
1. Show Strong's numbers
2. Right click on strong's number next to word
3. Choose Show BDB/Thayer's definitions
4. dialog will show up giving you the info you're looking for.

Hope that helps.