View Full Version : How to display a whole chapter of text?

12-06-2012, 04:05 PM
I would like to display a chapter of text, say John 1. But when I type in John 1 in the search window and hit enter, the Browse window momentarily flashes the text of the entire chapter but then within a split second only the single verse John 1:1 is displayed. This only happens on my work computer. My home computer displays the whole chapter. What setting is causing this problem? Thanks.

Joe Whalen
12-07-2012, 01:52 AM
It may be as simple as clicking the "Toggle Browse Mode" icon. The Toggle Browse Mode icon looks like a pair of shoes (I'm using BW8 -- it may be different in BW9). If you click on that icon, the text will change from single verse to whole chapter and then back again if you click the icon a second time.


You can also toggle this switch by hitting "b" on your keyboard after clicking your mouse on the browse window.

Hope this helps.