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10-12-2012, 08:53 AM
Hello Friends,

If you don't have a DVD drive (part of System Requirements) on your Mac, you can try the following:

To install BibleWorks on a Mac, the System Requirements specify that a DVD drive is needed. The steps below have worked for some users, but we can’t guarantee success if your system does not have a DVD drive.
You will need to copy all of the files from the BibleWorks DVDs into a single folder on your Mac. There are several ways to accomplish this. The most efficient way to copy these files is through a portable USB drive. Another option is to copy the files over your LAN if your Mac and the other computer with a DVD drive are connected on a LAN though we do not recommend this because of the amount of data (12 GB).
Note: When you are copying the files on the DVD into a single folder, you can allow the following files to be overwritten: crc.exe, crcf.exe., check.exe, crc.def.
Now you can run the BibleWorks installation using the files you copied from your DVDs.
Run the dmg installer.
In the dmg’s installation window drag the BibleWorks icon into the Application folder.
Open a Finder window.
Click Applications | BibleWorks. This opens a window with “Install / Reconfigure” and “Cancel”. Ignore this window and go to the main menu (the Apple menu).
From the main menu, select File | Run Command.
In the Run Command window, click Browse and go to the folder with your DVD files.
Select “setup.exe” from that folder and click the Open button.
In the Run Command window, click the Run button.
The BibleWorks installation program will now begin. Follow all onscreen instructions to install BibleWorks.
When the installation is complete, you will be back at the Run Command window. Click the Cancel button.
The window with “Install / Reconfigure” and “Cancel” will be visible. You may click Cancel to close it.
BibleWorks is now installed. We highly recommend that you immediately apply the current EXE patch (from the BibleWorks menu, select Help | BibleWorks on the Internet | Check for updates).

Hope that helps.

10-04-2014, 09:42 PM
I have tried to download the software and I am not able to do it. It gives me a warring that says Image not recognized talking about bible works. and it only let 136 mb download. I need it for class and it has taken nearly a week (6days)