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11-09-2004, 06:33 AM
Is the BW Vulgate Psalms the LXX or Hebrew version?

I am not positive, as one would have to look up the front matter in the print edition, but one customer review of the print edition used in BibleWorks has the following statement:
The Psalter of the New Vulgate is a thorough, modern revision of the traditional Gallican, making it accord much more closely to the Hebrew Massorah. CLICK THIS LINK FOR GOOGLE'S CACHED AMAZON REVIEW ( 53039.html+%22making+it+accord+much+more+closely+t o+the+Hebrew+Massorah%22&hl=en)

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Display both the VUL and the VUO in your Results Window and then pass your mouse over these version abbreviations for copyright and source information. Here's the info you'll see for the VUO with the portion relevant to your question in red.

Copyright and Source Information:

VUO - The Latin Vulgate - Online Bible Version, Copyright 1988-1997 by the Online Bible Foundation and Woodside Fellowship of Ontario, Canada. Licensed from the Institute for Creation Research. Used by permission. This is the same as the VUL except that (1) it does not include the Apocrypha, (2) the verse numbering has been remapped to match the King James Version and (3) the Psalms are from the Hebrew based work of Jerome, rather than the LXX based work.