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Van Parunak
05-06-2012, 07:58 AM
In teaching people who don't read Hebrew and Greek, I often ask them to search an English text by Strongs' number to find a particular lexeme. I'd like to be able to supplement this kind of exercise with TVM codes so that they could focus in on a specific form, but I can't find a way to insert the TVM code into search syntax. For example, the Piel ptc of צוה has a distinctive usage in Deut, describing Moses. The Strongs-TVM codes for this construction are <06680> (08764) (e.g., Deut 4:40). What search pattern will retrieve all verses with this combination from a TVM-Strongs encoded version?

Jim Wert
05-07-2012, 06:03 PM
This search from the command line
~<06680> \(08764\)
should do what you ask for.

For this search to work, Strong's numbers must be displayed in the browse window.

The back slashes before open and close parentheses are required because parentheses have special meaning in regular expressions.

This search found 44 verses, with 37 of those verses in Deuteronomy.

There is some documentation of Regular Expression searches (where the first character is ~ instead of . or / or ' or ; ) in BW help. See the BW Help section on "The Command Line - Introduction", subsection "More Complex Word and Phrase Searches", subsubsection "Doing Regular Expression Searches". This is help section 17 in BW7, help section 24 in BW8, help section 34 in BW9.
Also, a help subsection "Regular Expression Syntax Summary" is tucked away near the end of help section "Morphological Coding Schemes". This is help section 44 in BW7, help section 57 in BW8, help section 66 in BW9.

Hope this helps,

05-08-2012, 09:47 AM
That is really slick.

Van Parunak
05-09-2012, 07:06 AM
Thank you very much. Just what I need.