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Michael Hanel
10-27-2004, 07:51 PM
I think i've tried what I thought would do the trick, but it hasn't worked. I'm working with an English version (namely ANF) and I want to include a Greek word in the English text. Now I know in the footnotes this is possible you include whatever word in the <g> </g>, but this same thing doesn't work in the main body of the text. Does that sound right to everyone else? If I did something wrong, let me know. Part two then is what do you think is a good way to work around this problem if there is no possible way to do this?

Question two is a little unrelated, but still has to with this. I noticed that when compiling square brackets [] will make things italicized. But if you say that you dont want the text italicized there is no way to make it so. So if I want to italicize "God" in the main text I would type in [God] and when compiling select that I have italicized text. Then it'll show up italicized. But if I have a large body of text that uses square brackets and I don't want them all italicized I compile it without selecting that I have italicized text. Then square brackets appear normal, but I can't make anything italicized. Make sense?

I guess with both of these questions here's what I'm finding. There are codes that work in the End Notes (<g></g> for greek <i></i> for italicizing) that don't work in the main body of text. Is this basically correct and if so what should I do to work around it?


10-28-2004, 06:14 AM
Unfortunately Mike, you are right. There is no real way around it. I imagine if you did "mark up" the text in a consistent manner there may be a way that the folks at BW would be able to format it all correctly, but the VDC as it stands won't handle Greek or Hebrew in the actual text--only in the footnotes.

In the past if I wanted to use "brackets" along with italicized words, I actually would replace all the brackets with alternate symbols (i.e., < > or even ). I would then place brackets around all text I intended to italicize.

I wish that actual text of the databases that were compiled had the same flexibility as the notes! Perhaps this could be added to the wishlist!