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01-20-2012, 08:12 PM
I can see how BW 9's new feature of using color to highlight differences among versions in the Browse window can be helpful. But I don't want it on all the time; it's distracting. When I first installed it, I either turned it off, or it was turned off by default. But now I've accidentally touched something that turned it on, and I couldn't for the life of me figure out how to turn it off. I finally found the directions in the Help system to turn it off on the Browse Window Options menu.

But what key combination did I press to turn it on? According to the What's New "A simple key press toggles it on and off." But it doesn't say what that key press is! Anybody know, in case I accidentally hit it again?


Jim Wert
01-20-2012, 08:40 PM
Click in the browse window somewhere; then "e" toggles highlighting of same-language text differences.
This is documented in the "Shortcuts" section of the online help.
I got so frustrated by this feature that I printed out the Shortcuts page so I wouldn't have to look it up when I wanted to toggle it.
Hint to BW staff: all of the other BW features that I use can be accessed without using a shortcut. This seems to about the only thing that can only be controlled by its shortcut. Grrr. How about putting it on the Status Bar with the other things that I rarely use, but can easily toggle when I want to?

01-20-2012, 09:43 PM
Thanks, Jim. I just found it in the Help also. I overlooked it in the search results when I was trying to find it before.

A few more points:
This (and I suppose the other shortcuts as well) seems awfully easy to hit by accident, and (unless, like Jim, one prints out the shortcuts list) hard to figure out how to undo. I switched into BW from another program and had no idea that the cursor or focus was in the Browse window. I thought it was on the command line, and I was going to a passage in Hebrews, so I typed h-e-b. The next thing I knew there was green highlighting all over the place, and I had no idea how it got there.
There is actually a non-shortcut way to turn difference highlighting off and on, which was what I did find in the Help after some frantic looking. It's on the Browse Window Options menu, the little button with the check mark left of the button with the footprints.
I find the distinction between difference highlighting and text comparison highlighting to be fairly subtle. Obviously the former works in the Browse window and the browse tab of the Analysis window, and the latter works ... well, the same places I guess. The former, I think, works automatically (when it's toggled on) with all the same-language versions in a given Browse window (same language as the current search version? maybe?); the latter can be configured to work with four different sets of specified translations. But the help system could definitely do more to make the differences between them clear (and to explain how exactly difference highlighting works). I didn't stumble on the exact expression "difference highlighting" till I looked at the What's New in BW 9 section of the Help. (I knew it was there because I saw it when I first installed the program.)
Well. "The tongue is a small part of the body, but it makes great boasts," according to James 3:5 (NIV). Seems like difference highlighting may be a small feature, but it makes great exasperations! Or we're just too easily exasperated out here.