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11-23-2011, 09:38 PM
If you're expecting a real zinger you're going to be disappointed. This is a MOCK UP, the ONLY purpose of which is to stimulate and start the conversation.

I have focused intially on the INI file perspective, as that will be the most elusive of anything. Everything else will be relatively straight forward. Basically, I need input -- a LOT of input -- from any of you who want a program that will preserve just about every facet of the BibleWorks workspace/environment, for that is the goal of the program.

You will need to put the EXE in a DEDICATED FOLDER and you will need to copy the BW INI files in your BibleWorks root directory/folder into this SAME dedicated folder.

After we begin to make progress, I am certain that Mike/Michael/Glenn can advise us very significantly on which settings in which INI files we might want to look at, thus alerting us to anything we might have missed.

If you hear nothing else, hear this -- EVERYTHING -- and I do mean EVERYTHING -- is open for discussion. ANYTHING can be added/altered/removed/tweaked/changes, ad infinitum. There can be more tabs. There can be less tabs. The tabs can named differently. There is NOTHING that is not up for grabs.

Morever, it has been my experience that the initial mock up I usually do on a program is generally not even REMOTELY like the finished product, so don't be disappointed if you want a different design, or what-have-you. As I said, and as I want to emphasize, EVERYTHING is optionable.

I have made the INI files display in a list box primarily for one reason -- to show you the magnitude of what we're dealing with WRT internal settings, so it's going to take some diligence in this regard.

IMO, the program is at LEAST fifty percent degraded if we can't control the internal settings WRT the BW working space/environment.

But this we CAN do if we're willing to ferret out what we want.

Backing up, restoring, synching other files is child's play.

Still, there are many creative ways we go... but you have to tell me what those ways are, which path to take.

Plese read the short "readme" in the ZIP file.

Scroll down to the very bottom of the page from here --