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Philip Brown
09-21-2011, 11:26 AM
I would like to know the distribution of the aorist indicative forms of λέγω in the NT.

I can generate a word list with all the morphological forms from the BNM, but what I want is a word list with the count of, e.g., ειπεν, ειπαν, ερρεθη, κτλ. To do this I used the Word List Manager and limited the BNM search to λεγω@via* -- but again I want the forms, not the lemmas with parsing.

I'm sure I'm supposed to know how to do this, but I can't remember off the cuff.


09-21-2011, 11:51 AM
... is to do this. (We'll see if Michael Hanel comes up with something slicker!)

In the command line choose BNM (Enter) and set your limits.
Type (as you noted): .λεγω@via* (Enter) > I came up with 786 hits for the whole NT
Now open the Word List Manager
Click Load or Generate Word List
Choose BNT (< Note bnT) as the version.
Click for "Load highlighted words from last query"
Check on "Keep Greek accents" if you want them.
Click on Create List

That should do it. I get:
εἶπεν 596
εἶπαν 95
εἶπον 52
εἶπέν 17
ἐρρέθη 10
εἶπόν 6
εἶπας 4
εἶπα 3
εἴπατε 1
εἶπες 1
ἐρρέθησαν 1

There is another way, but it gives more info than you really want.

Make the Analysis tab visible.
Right click mouse anywhere in that tab.
Click on Lemma/Form Usage stats
Check on "Include Lemma Usage Summary (Greek only)"
Repeat and check on "Include Complete Lemma Info (Greek only)"
Now, when you hover over any Greek word in the Browse window, freeze the Analysis tab (hold the shift key), and scroll to the very end of the entry. You should see something like this:

BNM Usage summary for LEMMA λέγω (all codes):
1. Ἐρεῖς vifa2s (verb indicative future active 2nd person singular ) 1
2. Ἐρρέθη viap3s (verb indicative aorist passive 3rd person singular ) 1
3. Ἔλεγεν viia3s (verb indicative imperfect active 3rd person singular ) 10
4. Ἔλεγον viia3p (verb indicative imperfect active 3rd person plural ) 1
5. Εἶπεν viaa3s (verb indicative aorist active 3rd person singular ) 22
6. Εἶπον viaa3p (verb indicative aorist active 3rd person plural ) 1
(There are 115 entries for λεγω)

Michael Hanel
09-21-2011, 01:40 PM
... is to do this. (We'll see if Michael Hanel comes up with something slicker!)

You're on a roll Mark, I won't even try!

Philip Brown
09-22-2011, 11:03 AM
Great! Thanks, Mark! :)