View Full Version : My BW9 installation problems

Alf Cengia
08-14-2011, 12:09 PM
Iím posting this here in the event someone else comes across this issue.

During the installation of the 2nd DVD my laptop would inevitably go into blue screen and reboot. I checked that all anti-virus software etc was turned off, but to no avail. I couldnít even copy the files from the DVD onto my hard drive.

I tried installing BW9 onto my desktop and it went through flawlessly. However, I wanted the program on the laptop!

The issue ended up being some sort of sudden Nero software incompatibility with my DVD drive.

The solution was to copy the 3 DVDs to the desktopís hard drive in a folder named BWTEMP9. From there I copied them onto a large flash drive. I then connected that flash drive to the laptop, went to the first copied DVD and clicked the exe file. It worked perfectly and it wasnít a long process.

The only other thing I had to do was open BW9; click File; click Activate Database and activate ESVS. For some reason BW9 didnít ask me to activate ESVS automatically when I first opened it.

Itís a great program.

Thank you BibleWorks!