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07-22-2011, 06:12 PM
I search for answers to this question but alas found none. I have asked it before so am too much of an old dog. I cannot get Report Generator to work. I have used it many times before, but now it goes through the actions of generating a report of Ezekiel 28. But I have no idea where the report is. It is not in memory, since I open a page in Word and hit paste and only get a horizontal line. Where is my report?

Also in the pop-up window for Generating Reports, it seems much crucial options are not that intelligible. I know for example I can set the frequency of words to analyze, for example I do not want the analysis and dictionary entries for any lexeme that occurs more than say 10 times in the Bible. How do I set that? It would be nice if BW9 which I have ordered would give you pull down options for each of those options. I have all too often generated a report in which the dictionary for the waw is given each time it appears.

Glenn Weaver
07-25-2011, 03:06 PM

The generated report should appear in a new popup BibleWorks Editor file. If a popup window does not open when you click the "Build Report" button, there may be something on your system that prohibits the file from being created or being opened. You may need to contact Customer Service about this issue. By default the file name of the file is bwrpt1.bww, and should appear appear (at least by default) in the \BibleWorks 8\notes directory. Perhaps the file is there, but has been prevented from opening.

It is only possible at this time to limit by frequency the dictionary entries for Greek. It is not possible to do this for Hebrew.

However, you can use the Include and Exclude filters to filter Hebrew lexicon entries. For example, to exclude all Particles (such as the waw) enter the following in the "Morph Code Exclude Filter" box:
Now when you generate the report no lexicon entries for particles will appear.

As another example, you could enter [nv]* in the "Morph Code Include Filter" box and you will only receive lexicon entries for Nouns and Verbs in the report.