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Joan Korte
07-06-2011, 04:00 PM
I am getting my dumb questions out of the way before I get the software. :)
What is recommended-to install BW9 and leave BW8 on the same machine or un-install BW8? Those of you beta testers would probably know. Thanks for your help.

Michael Hanel
07-06-2011, 04:36 PM
I will not attempt to give the "official" BibleWorks answer, but I will tell you from my experience that I uninstalled BW8 upon installing BW9 and that is the recommendation. This is what the BibleWorks Help says about the matter,

Before installing BibleWorks 9 you should uninstall any previous versions of BibleWorks that you have installed. If the Setup Program detects the presence of a previous version of BibleWorks, it will give you the option of uninstalling that version. Unless you have good reasons to do otherwise, we recommend that you always uninstall the old program. The uninstall program will not delete any files that have been added or changed since the old program was installed, so no great harm can come from uninstalling it and it will free up a lot of disk space.

If you choose NOT to uninstall the old version you should be aware that the BibleWorks 9 Setup Program will delete the Uninstall (or Maintenance) program for the OLD version when it installs the new version. This is to prevent the old Uninstall program from uninstalling parts of the program that the old and new versions have in common, and thus damaging your new installation. If you need to delete the old version later you can just delete the old directory, making sure to back up any files that you need. The advantage of uninstalling the old version first is that it leaves the changed and new files behind, thus relieving you of the need to filter through them later. It is simpler just to let the new Setup Program uninstall the old version.

Note that on some systems the uninstaller for the older version may display error messages. You may safely ignore these and proceed with the BibleWorks 9 installation after the uninstall process is complete. It will leave the old installation partially installed but this does no real harm. If you want to fully uninstall the old version contact BibleWorks Customer Support for assistance.

There is also a migration feature which I will blog about eventually, which is intended to smoothly and quickly transfer settings from BW8 to BW9.

Joan Korte
07-06-2011, 04:43 PM
Thanks, Michael, I appreciate your efforts and quick response.