View Full Version : Activation code same as serial number?

07-02-2011, 01:06 PM
I was going to upgrade from v8 to v9 but am having trouble finding my v8 upgrade discs that has all my paperwork in it. In order to get the upgrade price to v9 I need to input my activation code which BW will check before shipping and so I want to make sure I give the right number to them so there's no delay.

Going to About in v8 shows a serial number. Is that the same as the activation code required? Or do I need to dig deeper around the house? ugh.


Edit: Never mind. I found my BW8 discs and paperwork. And to those who may find themselves in the same situation, the answer is that the serial number is part of the activation code. The activation code has a few numbers/letters before the serial number. I don't know if the serial number alone would have worked but now I can rest easy.