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06-24-2011, 05:38 PM
I use BW8 for my research and love it. I would like to have it available to students at my small liberal arts Catholic College to use on the College network. None of my students know Greek or Hebrew, but we have speakers of French, Korean, Spanish. I wonder if BW would think about a seriously downsized version with maybe 10-15 translation, without dictionaries, lexica, etc. But students could for example print out parallel columns of 4 different translations of Gen 1. This lets them get a sense of where the problems might be in text and meaning. They could search out phrases and words, etc. We have maybe 150 students in about 7 sections taking Intro to the Bible each semester. I cannot imagine more than 5-8 ever being on line at the same time. Would such a networked version be mutually beneficial?

06-24-2011, 05:54 PM
The BibleWorks Knowledge Base found at the link below may provide you with an answer to your question:

http://kb.bibleworksllc.com/ikb/ (http://kb.bibleworksllc.com/ikb/)

Will There Ever Be A "Lite" Version of BibleWorks?
We've in fact considered the possibility of offering a "lite" version of BibleWorks and have decided against it for three reasons. First, when we try to identify significant features that could be eliminated from such a version, we foresee in each case from experience that their absence would create a product our customer base would find unsatisfying. Second, other features that are sometimes identified as potentially not needed (such as Bible texts in foreign languages) are, in fact, because of the generosity of those providing these features, almost never very costly, and thus savings from their elimination would be very small or almost insignificant. Third, creating and maintaining separate versions in parallel, or creating a "cafeteria-style" product, would increase administrative costs substantially, to the point that we'd have to add staff and increase prices for everyone.

Implementing a "lite" version, therefore, while certainly an idea worth investigating, would turn out to be a false economy. Instead, our customers needing to acquire BibleWorks at a lower price are better served to consider the possibilities, outlined here (http://kb.bibleworksllc.com/ikb/questions.php?questionid=51), of obtaining BibleWorks at a cost saving. We trust one of these possibilities will work for just about everyone.

Last Update: RG/December 7, 2010

"I would like to have it available to students at my small liberal arts Catholic College to use on the College network."
In that case there is some good news for you. Check out the following link for a list of various site licensing prices.

With five or more BibleWorks users at your organization, you may be eligible for discounted site license pricing.BibleWorks network/multi-user/site licensing for BibleWorks is available to churches, seminaries, Bible colleges, universities, libraries, and other institutions and organizations.