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06-21-2011, 12:52 PM
As users of BOSS 1.0 know, you can send verse references FROM Boss TO BibleWorks. I've added some nice enhancements to this, but that's not why I'm writing now.

Because in Boss 2.0 you can not only -- just like Boss 1.0 -- send verse references FROM Boss TO BibleWorks, but in addition, in Boss 2.0, you can send verse references FROM BibleWorks TO Boss with only a mouse click.

In other words, communication is no longer a one-way street; it's a two-way street in Boss 2.0, which features the new "Boss BibleWorks Verselator".

I still have some work to do before finishing Boss 2.0, but I thought I'd put this out there in case anyone has any suggestions or ideas about this new import feature.

Remember, Boss is all about organizing your BibleWorks study.

In Boss 2.0, the "Boss BibleWorks Verselator", i.e., the ability to import verse references FROM BibleWorks TO Boss opens up a whole new world, such as the ability to create Topics, Sub-topics, and so on, on the fly without having to first save files in the VLM/WLM, as well as providing other maneuverability.

I have already decided on how I'm going to add organizational models to this new capability, but now armed with this knowledge (and this is only one of many new facets of Boss 2.0), I want to put this knowledge out there in case you have any ideas or desires of how you would like to be able to manipulate this data.

As always, I can't promise that I'll take your advice, but I am willing to implement anything that is reasonable and that doesn't interfere with other functions within Boss.

Actually, I really think I've pretty much got it covered as far as design goes, but I'm experienced enough to know that such an assumption is always wrong.

So if you would like to provide any input, either post it here or email me.

I can't promise a release date, but figure at least another month, and hopefully not too much longer.

Oh, by the way, Jim Wert -- there are many more icon buttons, but just for you, I've added Tool Tips!

06-28-2011, 05:49 PM
Not that anybody is all that concerned about it, but with the release of BibleWorks 9, Boss 2.0 will be delayed by at least three months. FWIW.

If you want Boss 1.0 and don't have it yet, get it now from my website because I'm going to remove it tomorrow. The universal registration code is --

User Name: Lamb Lion Net
Reg# Code: 211770