View Full Version : Israeli Hebrew keyboard search bug

03-23-2011, 04:13 PM
I run into a little bug when entering a search in Hebrew, using the Israeli keyboard layout. In certain circumstances, the layout switches back to the other format momentarily.

Here's how to reproduce the error:

1. Enable the Israeli Keyboard in the command line options

2. Type a word

3. Press [end] or arrow over to the right so that you can type a word in front (to the right) of the first one

4. Press [space]

5. Start typing another word. You will see that the first letter typed uses the standard keyboard layout, not the Israeli one.

By the way, thanks for the Israeli layout option, since it enables me not to have to switch back and forth between different keyboard layouts for different programs. However, I wish the option were easier to find, since I only recently found out about it. I would have expected to find it under Tools > Interface Settings > Keyboard Layouts, or at the very least, Tools > Options > General > Flags > General Hebrew Options. With all the Hebrew and Keyboard settings everywhere else it never occurred to me to look for it under the command line options.