View Full Version : Non-European language available on X-Refs window?

10-11-2010, 02:21 AM
Hello everyone,

I am Japanese BW user for more than seven years. BW8 is really nice application for my everyday exegesis.:D

One thing I want to request to BW team. I often use X-Refs window to refer related verse text when I make a sermon. But at that time, I have one dissatisfaction.:( It is a lack of function showing non-European language for verse text on X-Refs window. Of course you may think it's enough to see it in English. Partially I thinks so. But there is a significant difference of speed understanding the text between foreign language and mother language. So, I strongly request to implement that function.

I think it isn't easy to do so, because Japanese isn't single byte code.
But I think it's more easier in case of using Unicode text. Isn't it? :confused:

Thank you,