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09-23-2010, 02:23 PM
I am working with the Book of Tobit and am having several difficulties:
Ideally I want to display both LXX and S (G1 and G2)
I also want to display the Hebrew & Aramaic fragments from Qumran (I have that module). Are they linked to the Biblical verses? (Please no fight about canonicity!)

So I get the Qumran fragment I want from Tobit, say 4Q196 fii 2-3, and I want to copy it & drop it into my PowerPoint. When I try this, the Hebrew text is hopelessly garbled esp. with brackets. Is there any simple way to cut and paste Hebrew exactly as appears in BW8? I even tried doing some preparation for the paste on PowerPoint: I chose SBL Hebrew and set the line to right justify. It would be so much easier if I could just turn off right to left typing!

Mark Eddy
09-24-2010, 12:04 AM
BibleWorks already can display the two Greek texts of Tobit together. Go to the BW Options Window (wrench button) and click on "Flags" then "General Greek options" and check "Show all LXX variants in Browse Window."
Currently you cannot display the Qumran QST and the LXT in the same browse window. LXT is compiled as "OT only," but QST is compiled as "other." Those two do not mix, just as you cannot display Josephus together with LXT in the same browse window.
If you know which verse in Tobit is represented by the various Tobit fragments in QST, you could use the synopsis tool and make a synopsis file in which LXT would be in one column and QST in another. Since QST does not use the standard Bible 3-letter book name abbreviations, you would have to contact the programmers about how QST runs internally (I did that a few years ago, but I don't remember where I put the correspondence chart which they sent me.)
So, for now, the best you could do would be to open a secondary browse window for QST and have Tobit in LXT (or BGT) in the primary browse window. If you know which verses correspond, you could at least see the Greek and Hebrew together on your computer screen.
By the way, if you do know how the QST Tobit fragments correspond to the LXT verses of Tobit, I would like to know that. I briefly tried to set up such a synopsis file a few years ago, but I gave up due to time constraints.

Concerning the copying, I can copy QST into MS Word just fine. Once in Word, can you copy it again into Powerpoint?

Mark Eddy