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08-29-2010, 06:08 PM
I was wondering if there was a way to add a link in say the KJV bible that would auto access your personal notes? There is a freeware Bible program called esword that allows you to do this. When you "turn" to a certain passage and particular verse and you have the personal note tab open it automatically loads your notes in the personal notes tab that coincide with the text.

08-29-2010, 08:01 PM
Chupe, BibleWorks can indeed autoload your notes. If you click on the Notes tab in the Analysis Window, at the top right you will see a couple of checkboxes. One of those says "Autoload." Be sure to have that box checked.

But here is something to keep in mind. In BW, there are two ways to associate notes: you can either associate the note with a chapter of scripture or you can associate the note with an individual verse of scripture. As an example of a chapter note, you might want to have something like this associated with Genesis 3:

"This chapter records the fall and ruin of man through sin. It marks the shattering of God's perfect creation. In it, we have the pronouncement of judgment on man as well as on creation as a whole. But we also find, in this chapter, the first statement that anticipates the gospel of our redemption in Jesus the Messiah. Theologians have called this the "Protoevangelium."

At the same time, you may want to associate notes with individual verses of scripture. For example, you may want to associate a note with Genesis 3:15, the source of the promise to which I referred above. Next to the Autoload box at the top of the Notes tab, you'll find a second checkbox 'Chapter.'

The way it works is this: if you want to associate a note with a chapter, you must have the 'Chapter' checkbox checked. If you want to associate a note with a particular verse of scripture, then you must uncheck the 'Chapter' box. Here's the kicker though: the notes that will autoload in your Notes tab will match whatever option you have selected. In other words, if the 'Chapter' checkbox is checked, only chapter notes will load. Conversely, if the Chapter checkbox is unchecked, only verse notes will load.

And, as I wrote all that, I pondered the following. Perhaps as a program suggestion, it might be nice to have the Notes tab split into two horizontal panes, with the top pane reserved for chapter notes and the bottom pane for individual verse notes. That way, they would both load whenever one has individual verse notes in a chapter that one also has a chapter note.

08-29-2010, 08:05 PM
By the way, Chupe, for the record, we are probably in the wrong forum as this thread is not really related to user-created databases. This thread should have rightly been created in the 'General BibleWorks Discussion' forum. But don't feel badly; you're new to the forums. Just info for the next time.

08-30-2010, 10:35 AM
Alternatively, I wouldn't mind two note tabs in the Analysis Window: one for chapter notes and one for verse notes.

Jim Wert
08-30-2010, 11:22 AM
Quoting from chapter 23 of BW help:Verse and Chapter Notes
The Verse Notes and Chapter Notes status areas deal with user-defined notes. You can configure BibleWorks to maintain user-defined notes automatically for each verse or chapter. Separate sets of files are maintained for chapters and verses. At any given time you can have either chapter or verse notes loaded automatically into the BibleWorks editor whenever the verse in the Browse Window changes. Only one mode can be active at a time. Or you can turn the feature off entirely. The Verse Notes status area will be grayed out if Verse Notes are turned off. The Chapter Notes status area will be grayed if Chapter Notes are turned off. Only one of these two can be active at a given time. Double-clicking on either status area will turn auto-loading on for the note set in question. The V and C status areas indicate whether or not notes have been saved for the current Browse Window Verse. If they are grayed out no notes exist. These indicators work even if you have both Chapter Notes and Verse Notes turned off.
You set these options on or off using the check boxes of the "Main Window Status Bar Configuration" section of the BW Options Window, Flags.

So you only have to glance at the status bar to see if there are Verse or Chapter notes for the current verse/chapter. This means you don't need to waste screen real estate on a permanently open Notes window.

By the way, I keep all parts of the status bar turned on, both for the information it carries and for the ability to easily change settings -- I use it most for toggling Strong's numbers without having to remember the short cut, or going through the more clumsy options windows.

So, Irvin, this doesn't give you the two notes tabs, but it does tell you when to open which.


08-30-2010, 12:39 PM
Thanks Jim!

I still think it would be neat to have all notes - regardless of whether they are chapter notes or verse notes - show up in the same window. Think, for example, of the format found in the Ryrie Study Bible or the NIV Study Bible. They, like almost every other study bible format that I know of, will have their chapter notes, and individual verse notes within that chapter, on the same page. Chapter or section notes come first. Then the individual verse notes after that. (And we haven't even talked about entire book notes; things like introductory information (matters of introduction) for books like Ephesians. This would include things like author, date, purpose, occasion, structure, outline, etc.) I wonder if chapter notes couldn't be tagged to/associated with an artificially created/designated verse number zero (0). In this way, chapter notes could be created as a form of verse notes, however they would bear the verse number '0.' So my chapter note on Eph 1, for example could be stored as a verse note for Eph 1:0. In this way, all notes could be seen in one and the same window. I just think this could/would be a very helpful feature. It beats toggling back and forth between verse notes and chapter notes. If you think about it, having to view them separately is a significant limitation. I'm just wondering if, somehow, this limitation could be removed.