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08-26-2010, 08:15 PM
OK I have the QSM supplement and I wanted to do a search for the word (Hebrew) Nineveh. I can type it ion on teh command line but it doesn't find anything. I thought I would try a word I knew was in QSM, and I didn't find it. How do I do searches on these supplemental texts such as Philo, Greek Pseud, QSM?

Mark Eddy
08-26-2010, 11:07 PM
Just a couple questions to ask yourself:
What is your search version? If your search version is QST instead of QSM, BibleWorks will not be looking for a lemma in the QSM morphology version. Instead it will search for a specific form.
Have you tried right-clicking on a word and choosing "Search on lemma"? That should find the lemma attached to the QST word. If you don't spell it exactly correctly on the command line, the search will be blank.
Do you have accent sensitive searching activated? If so, then you have to type in the accents for the lemma. If not, then do not type the accents (or copy them in from the browse window).
I think that if you look at these three questions, you should find whatever is getting in the way of your searches.
Mark Eddy