View Full Version : Booknames since addition of QSM's full book names?

09-14-2004, 05:53 PM
With the advent of the QSM booknames and their “full explanation” in the Results Window Header, has the ability to create user defined booknames and aliases been eliminated? I am working on an experimental database and would like the “full bookname” to appear in the RW Header. I made a new .bna file with the names of Philo’s works, the tractates of the Mishna/Talmud and other possible booknames and after “checking consistency” found the following error message:

"The entry <1QHa> is a reserved internal name and cannot be used as an alias. Namelist not saved."

When I try to use the new .bna file, only the first entry shows up (e.g., BER = Berakhot).

My goal is to make a “proposed” standard of bookname abbreviations for folks to use before posting a user created database to the forum, etc. Hopefully this will suggest projects for folks to endeavor and to eliminate conflicts (e.g., labeling Enos in the Book of Mormon with the same bookname abbreviation as Enoch [e.g., Eno]).

Any suggestions or workarounds?