View Full Version : Chronology Of The Old Testament

05-29-2010, 09:43 PM
A new FORMAL study of the chronology of the Old Testament has been undertaken under the auspices of AiG, Answers In Genesis. Here is an excerpt from the article --

"For over a year now a team of Hebraists, the Cataclysm Chronology Research Group (CCRG), has been engaged in a crucial research project under the auspices of Answers in Genesis, with assistance and input from AiG’s geologist and director of research, Dr. Andrew Snelling. The team is conducting an exhaustive linguistic and literary study of the Hebrew narrative of the Genesis Flood in order to determine its chronology and thereby provide the only solid foundation for research on the geological record of the Flood."


Of course, this is a faith-based initiative, which means a belief that the Bible is true and accurate is the starting point of the study.

It should be interesting to follow as they make their results known.