View Full Version : Focus Issue & Shutdown

05-18-2010, 10:46 AM
I think I have figured out the focus issue and the issue of BW not always closing on the first click, as I have done a fair amount of detective work and experimentation.

First off, many times when I thought BW wasn't closing, it actually was. It usually takes BW a second or two to cycle through its shutdown routine so that it doesn't usually close immediately when you click it. So that in many cases, if I just waited another second or two, BW would shut down on its own without me having to click the second time.

On those occassions when I did have to click the second time, it APPEARS that the focus is in one of BW's child windows, such as perhaps the Browse window, and thus the first click on the main frame merely resets the focus to that window, and then the second click causes it to close. It's not always easy to pin down the exact steps. Usually if the cursor is in the CL, for example, then it takes two clicks.

I know this is an EXTREMELY MINOR issue, but since it's been discussed here before, I thought I would make the fruit of my labors known. :D