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04-30-2010, 03:05 PM
I am using Openoffice 3.1.1 on a Ubuntu Linux laptop with Bibleworks 7

I have the fonts working okay - but when I tell it to do right to left here is what happens:

- cursor goes to right side of window (this is good)
- typing Hebrew characters the characters MOVE to the left and the cursor stays on the right
- if I hit the "End" key the cursor does go to the left end of the characters - hitting the "Enter" key at this points the cursor moves to a new line and goes to the right side

So - the issue is that the cursor sits on the right hand side and the characters are basically types in left to right manner - but some of the other things (like the "End" key) seem to work as they are suppose to.

Any thoughts?

Thanks - pat

04-30-2010, 03:07 PM
I am NOT using Bibleworks on Linux...I am trying to use the Biblework fonts on Open Office on Linux...the Greek fonts work great - the Hebrew fonts work - just the right to left behavior is not right...

Mark Eddy
05-01-2010, 12:21 PM
This is an issue with Open Office, not really with BibleWorks, so you may not be able to get much help here. The right/left line wrapping has been an issue also with MS Word. I have just had to learn to deal with the way it works. Others have suggested using Unicode fonts, and they may chime in. But using the BibleWorks Hebrew font, I think you just have to learn what your word processor does with it, and do it their way, unless you bring this to the attention of the people who work on Open Office, so they might alter the way it functions.
Mark Eddy

05-01-2010, 12:53 PM
I have had notorious problems with formating in OO, even between MS and OO directly without any third party involved. In short, even though OO conforms in many things to MS, there are still many issues that do not conform.