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04-29-2010, 07:30 PM
anyone noticed that the punctuation marks in CU5 are wrong ?

For example, in Lk 2:1 :
CU5 Luke 2:1 當那些日子、該撒亞古士督有旨意下來、叫天下人民都報名上冊。
(Luk 2:1 CU5)

all the "、" should be ","

In contrast, they are correct in CUS :
CUS Luke 2:1 当那些日子,该撒亚古士督有旨意下来,叫天下人民都报名上册。 (Luk 2:1 CUS)

I tried post a question to BW Support ... but, no response ...

Could anyone help?


07-10-2018, 04:13 AM
Well, excuse my necro posting but I think it is better late than never. I suspect the OP most likely has received an answer already but I like to put a reply here to help whoever might ask a similar question in the future.

If I remember correctly, 和合本 was updated with new punctuation marks in 1988. It is simply called 新標點和合本. In that version, among others, "," is used to replace the "、" .

BibleWorks' CU5, according to its Copyright and Source Information, the database is taken from public domain. And that database is very likely a pre-1988 database, thus explaining the old punctuation marks.

So, BW's CU5 punctuation marks are not wrong in this sense.

I have taken a picture of the punctuation explanation page from my pre-1988 和合本. It should help anyone who is interested to understand more.

11-29-2020, 05:31 PM
CUS Luke 2:1 当那些日子,该撒亚古士督有旨意下来,叫天下人民都报名上册。 (Luk 2:1 CUS) Showbox (https://showbox.bio/) jiofi.local.html (https://jfi.uno/jiofilocalhtml) tplinklogin (https://adminlogin.co/tplinklogin/)