View Full Version : Can we create custom keyboard shortcuts, say like Reaper does?

04-21-2010, 08:18 PM

Things that would benefit if users could map Bibleworks actions to keyboard shortcuts:

A super quick way (ie. keyboard command shortcut) to append the continuous flow of verses to a text file, when studying the Bible with someone, to give to them when finished.

I saw the S key shortcut synchronizes ONLY one way: from the external browse window to the main gui browse window - never the other way around, which would allow a search in the main gui but push the output to a browse window from which to read aloud.

I know there is a button to do this: push the main gui browser to the external browse window but if one is in front of a crowd, the extra time and attention to the mouse is undesirable.

Cockos Reaper, a daw program for creating music, provides a huge list of ACTIONS - things the program can do, any of which can be mapped to keyboard keys.

For instance - if Bibleworks had an action list, it might include:
Append selected browsers verse(s) to text file: shift-p (to give to new Christians after a long Bible study)
Push/synch main gui verse to external browse window verse: alt-s
Push/synch main gui verse to parallel window browser: shift-s
Push/synch external browse window contents to main gui browse window: shift-s
Open external browse window with main gui synchronized contents: alt-p
Add browse list to verse list manager: shift-b
add verse in which cursor rests to verse list manager: ctrl-b

This allows the user to FLY through his work without the clumsiness of menus, mouse navigation, etc.

Perhaps Bibleworks already has mappable commands to keyboard shortcuts? I searched but did not find.

Perhaps the user community could create this?