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09-03-2004, 12:54 PM
1. More Training Workshops
2. User Forums -- info you can use
3. Keep your BibleWorks updated!
4. ETS/SBL -- San Antonio here we come!

Greetings from BibleWorks. We hope you're continuing to find
BibleWorks helpful in your work and study. Here's some BibleWorks
news you may find useful.

++ 1. Workshops. BibleWorks has significantly expanded the number of
training workshops being offered. This fall we're holding beginner
and advanced workshops in Philadelphia; Wilmore, KY; Orlando; St.
Louis; Denver; Minneapolis; Detroit; and San Antonio. More are
scheduled for 2005. Tuitions are usually in the $25 range, a price
that students can afford. Check the schedule on
http://www.bibleworks.com (../).

++ 2. Forums. A series of BibleWorks user forums
(http://www.bibleworks.com/forums (../forums)) allows users to post and receive
answers to questions, read the latest BibleWorks announcements, and
access a "Frequently Asked Questions" section that provides helps and

++ 3. New Material. BibleWorks is constantly updating and even adding
new material to its program. To make sure you have the latest
resources, such as (for BibleWorks 6 customers) the NET Bible and
Josephus updates, simply download them from the web site (click in the
menus on Help | BibleWorks on the Web | Check for Web Updates). The
next version will include a greatly enhanced Windows-compatible
Unicode-enabled editor and the Holman Christian Standard Bible, as
well as many other new features we will announce in the coming months.

NOTE: When any new version comes out, our discounted upgrade policy
protects our customers. Anyone who licenses the current version will
be able to upgrade at cost if a new version comes out within 90 days

++ 4. ETS/SBL -- San Antonio here we come!
Check out booth #3 at the Evangelical Theological Society conference
Nov 17-19 and booth #127 at the Society for Biblical Literature
Conference Nov 20-23. Of special interest is a Nov 19 professional
workshop, free to attendees, on integrating exegetical Biblical
software into your curriculum.

Your BibleWorks Customer Service Team
service@bibleworks.com (service@bibleworks.com)
http://www.bibleworks.com (../)