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02-19-2010, 09:10 PM
I have just begun teaching Biblical Hebrew I, and I would like to find more examples of the grammar for the students than is listed in the textbook.

Is there a way of searching for:

A dagesh forte or a dagesh lene in a BeGaDKePHaT letter in the middle of a word?

Words with consecutive shewas to illustrate the first as silent, the second as vocal?

The Aleph when it is quiescent.

Qamets Hatuf with the metheg.

etc, etc, etc?

I, and hopefully my students, thank you.

02-22-2010, 09:37 PM
As, this is a fairly interesting request and I hope that Biblework staff will give us a response. I am surprised none of the other BW users have answered you. But, for the time being I will give it a try. Please, note I am not a BibleWorks Power user nor am I an expert at conducting searches.

Let me restate your question in my own words...

You are searching for:
(1)dagesh in BeGaDKePHaT letters in the middle of words.
(This query seems to be executable)

(2)Words with consecutive sh’vas to illustrate the first is a Sh’va Nach, the second a Sh’va Na?

(3)The Aleph when it is quiescent.
I am pretty sure there should be Hebrew Wild Card operation that would allow you to conduct this search I was only somewhat successful.

(4)Qamets Hatuf with the metheg/Silluq.
It is easy to run queries on accents in both the WTM and JPD if you know the various accent codes unique to each.

Okay my attempt at answering you:

(1) Seaching for BeGaDKePHaT with the Daghesh

You will need to add or subtract “?” to indicated how many letters there are before, and after the Dagesh CHazaq in the words you looking for. A search for a Bet with a dagesh in it might look like this:??בּ??

(2)Words with consecutive sh'vas to illustrate the first as silent, the second as vocal? Try:
(a)Open GSE
(b)Click on Word Box
(c) Place your cursor in box On the right hand side under "Match the following spec in the WTT"
(d) Press the Insert key till you see a red blinking square in the corner of the above mentioned box.
(e) hit the 1 key, two times or rather how many times you want for characters you wish to represent.
(f)now you should see two wildcard/charcter place holder boxes with crosses in them.
(g) now insert vowels under them. Press go

For more help on this look see the following thread: http://www.bibleworks.com/forums/showthread.php?t=1475&highlight=vowel+searches (http://www.bibleworks.com/forums/showthread.php?t=1475&highlight=vowel+searches)
post #7 on the above mentioned thread should be of interest.

(3) I haven’t figured out the syntax to do this, yet.

(4) In WTM To find all Methegs(right) one would type the following on the command line:

{ In WTM the codes are as follows: Meteg (right) (3) Silluq [meteg (left)] (9,2) }

I hope that works if not let's try again. I hope others on Bibleworks will take an interest in this thread and speak up.
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Some people will probably identify four or five types of Sh’va Nach(silent Sh’va) So, you are going to have to configure a few different searches to locate them all.

a) At the beginning of a word Sh’vas are silent, unless it’s found in an attached preposition.

b) After a prominent vowel

c) The second of two consecutive sh’vas

d) Under the first of two identical consonants

e) Under a dagesh