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02-10-2010, 11:30 AM
I've been fascinated with the possibilities that searching across user and verse notes opens up. I've got eight or nine years worth of notes in BibleWorks at this point, and I've often thought about how I might be able to work across them to make connections. I would love to see if you could tie individual notes to the Greek and Hebrew lemma lists. I do a lot of lexical work, and it would be great if I could pull up all the notes where I've worked on a particular lemma across passages. I know I can do that by hand now, but it would be so much easier to have access to the master lemma lists in BW and simply select the lemma from a pick list. My second request would be for a formal "Tags" field to be associated with the notes. Again, I realize that I can do this with symbols and the ability to search across notes. Implementing a separate tag field would be a better solution and might allow users to combine notes by tag or subject.

BW is a great tool. Thanks for exploring how it might be even more useful.