View Full Version : Bibleworks Customer Service Amazes yet again

Joshua Luna
02-04-2010, 07:59 PM
My laptop died due to Nvidia's bump gate issue, so while I wait for Dell to replace my laptop I decided an uber-mobile Acer 1410 would be great for packing around. Perfect time to upgrade BW to v.8 as well.

So off I go to reinstall all my software (kind of hard without a DVD drive!) but after borrowing an external drive and waiting for my Win7 disks to wait (over 2 months after Oct. 22nd!) I have been off on my way.

BW8 installed smoothly. Some of my serial codes didn't work but support answered my email within 48 hours (was sent on a Sunday, so I am sure I was in the weekend que) with the right answer. As always FAST response, with the RIGHT answer the first time.

My progress with my "other" Bible app hasn't been so smooth. The version is older and they have deprecated their authentication system on their end making the software installer obsolete. I have all my keys, authentication codes, etc. I had contacted email support and they had directed me to phone support as they couldn't help me in email. Their hours are pretty much the hours I work (I leave for work at 5:30am, get home at 4pm). They close at 5pm so I called slightly after 4pm. The phone just rang and rang and rang. When someone picked up it was to put me on hold, only for a message to continually suggest I try the forums for support. When someone did answer they said they stopped taking calls for the day and said tomorrow would be even busier. I apologized for calling after hours and asked what the hours were, and indeed they are open later but they close down earlier due to volume. So tomorrow is another "rush home, delay dinner, and hope they fit me into their que" process.

Just a frustrating process. The only reason I bought the software was because BW doesn't offer it--and sadly costs almost as much as the entire BW package. Our pastor doesn't use BW (he uses stuff from the other guys) and he was pretty floored when I was able to pull up HALOT, IBHS, JM, GCK, etc on any verse, both for pages that reference a verse /or/ to the relevant sections related to the form I am looking at :D

BW8 is really great (very nice additions guys!) but what has kept me so enthusiastic about Bibleworks all these years is the great support and service from the BW guys. The product really knows its users (its the text silly!) and they really serve their customers well.