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12-09-2009, 12:39 AM
Even since I "upgraded" from Vista to Windows 7, BibleWorks 8 fonts have been less than cooperative. I have clicked on and / or fiddled with all the necessary options regarding unicode fonts (by the way, the number of options available have been growing like mushrooms after a rainstorm), but I still get things like (in Report Generator)

26. \u964?\u959?\u8166? \u8001? - dgns (definite article genitive neuter singular)

Any suggestions? I have a sinking feeling that BibleWorks 8 and Windows 7 have some unresolved issues, so to speak.

John Parsons
12-09-2009, 04:08 AM
I am in the midst of attempting the same "upgrade" - forced upon me by the good folks at Microsoft (i.e., XP Pro, a stable and friendly OS has apparently gone the way of the Dodo Bird). At any rate, I need Unicode for some of my work, too, so I will be eager to see if this issue can be resolved. Thanks.

Glenn Weaver
12-10-2009, 09:16 AM
Hi tfjern,

I am not aware of any problems with BibleWorks 8 and Windows 7. All of our development is done on Windows 7. We are using BW8 on numerous Windows 7 systems without issue.

I tried to reproduce the problem you are experiencing, but both Greek and Hebrew Unicode characters display properly in the Report Generator. If you could provide the exact settings you used in the Report Generator (and your Greek Unicode export font setting), I would be glad to take another look at it.

I suggest checking to see what fonts are listed under Tools | General | Fonts in the bottom section, called Unicode Fonts (Export Only). Perhaps these settings were changed. They should be set to SBL Greek and SBL Hebrew by default.

Perhaps reinitializing the ini file may fix the problem, as well. To reinitialize the ini file, hold down the Shift key while opening BibleWorks. In the Troubleshooting Window that opens, I suggest checking the following boxes under Option 1:
--Delete BW800.ini
--Reinstall BibleWorks fonts
--Rebuild Version Data
--Delete Context Files
--Delete Copy Options
Then click the button to "Perform the selected optiosn and run BibleWorks". Of course, in doing these things you will lose any custom settings you have made in BibleWorks and will have to redo your custom settings.

If these things do not fix the problem, you may want to contact our Customer Service to provide help in fixing the problem. Perhaps something went wrong when you performed your upgrade that corrupted some settings in BibleWorks.