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08-13-2009, 08:34 AM
I am working on Vulgatae editiones .
I attach a file of the begin of the module.
There are copyright violation using the BibleWorks text of Nova Vulgata as Base-text or I must ask permission to anyone???l

Glenn Weaver
08-14-2009, 09:08 AM
Hi Pasquale,

If you wish to create a version for distribution to others that is based upon a copyrighted text, you would first need to contact the copyright holder of that text to obtain permission.

You can find information about the copyright holder in either the Version Information Tab in the Analysis Window, place your cursor on the bookname abbreviation in the Browse Window and display the Analysis Tab, or select Help | Show Copyright Information from the main BibleWorks menu.

Since BibleWorks (usually) licenses version text, we usually are not the ones to contact for permission.

08-15-2009, 01:07 PM
Thanks Mr. Glenn Weaver,
some years ago I asked to "LEV" the permission to build a Version of Nova Vulgata but I had not the permission.

Now I am changing the format of the module in progress and I shall write only the variants reading directly collating the ancients Vulgate without a base-text, so it became copyright free.

Mat 1:1
Iesu] ihesu F
Abraham] Abraam LibV VgCas Com

Mat 1:2
Abraham] Abraam LibV VgCas Com

Mat 1:3
Zara] Zaram Vulg (– VgGt VgCas VgWt) ; Zaran VgCas; Zarad A
Esrom] bis Hesrom VgWt; Esron VgEs VgHe VgSx VgCl
Aram] Ram VgWt

Mat 1:4
Aram] Ram VgWt
Naasson] bis Naason VgGt LibV VgCas Com VgEr; Nahasson VgWt
Salmon] Salomon VgGt; Salma VgWt

Mat 1:5
Salmon] Salomon VgGt; Salma VgWt
Booz] bis Boas VgWt
Rahab] Raab LibV VgCas Com VgEr VgEs; Rachab VgWW VgSt F; Racab A
Booz autem genuit] Booz genuit A F
Obed] bis Obeth LibV VgCas Com VgEr A

Mat 1:6
Iesse autem genuit] Iesse genuit F
autem2] add. rex Vulg VgWW VgSt A F

Mat 1:7
Abiam] abia F
Abia] Abias VgGt LibV VgCas VgSx VgCl
Asa] Assa VgWt

Mat 1:8
Asa] Assa VgWt

Mat 1:9
Ozias] Ozia WgWt
Ioatham] bis Ioathan LibV VgCas VgEr
Ezechiam] Ezeciam VgEs VgHe

Mat 1:10
Ezechias] Ezecias VgEs VgHe
Manassen] bis Manasse VgWt; Manassem A
Amon2] Ammon VgGt
Iosiam] Iosia VgWt

Mat 1:11
Iosias] Iosia VgWt
Iechoniam] Ieconiam VgCas; Iechonia VgWt
in transmigratione] in transmigrationem A

Mat 1:12
Iechonias] Iechonia VgWt
Salathiel] bis Sealathiel WgWt; Salathihel VgSt; Salatihel F

Mat 1:13
Eliachim] bis Eliacim VgEs VgHe VgCl

Mat 1:14
Sadoc] bis Sadoch Vulg (– VgEs VgHe VgSx VgCl) ; Saddoc VgSt A F
Achim] bis eliachim F

Mat 1:15
Matthan] bis Mathan Vulg (– VgGt VgCas)

Mat 1:16
Iesus] Ihesus VgGt VgWt F

Mat 1:17
ergo] itaque Vulg (– VgGt)
Abraham] Abraam LibV Com
quattuordecim] ter quatuordecim Vulg (– LibV VgSx VgCl); XIIII F
usque ad transmigrationem] om. ad A

Mat 1:18
Iesu Christi] om. Iesu Vulg VgWW VgSt A F
eius] Ihesu VgGt VgWt; Iesu LibV VgCas VgEr VgEs

Mat 1:20
in somnis apparuit] >apparuit in somnis Vulg ; in somnis paruit A F
ei] Ioseph Vulg (–VgHe VgSx VgCl)
fili] filii VgCas A F

Mat 1:21
Iesum] Ihesum VgWt F

Mat 1:22
adimpleretur] impleretur VgWt
id] om. id Vulg F
dictum est] dictum esset VgGt

Mat 1:23
vocabunt] vocabitur Vulg (– VgHe VgCl)
Emmanuel] Emanuel Vulg (– VgEs VgHe) ; Emmanuhel VgWW VgSt A F

Mat 1:24
Exsurgens] Exurgens Vulg F
praecepit] praeceperat VgWt

Mat 1:25
filium] add. suum primogenitum Vulg VgWW VgSt A F
Iesum] Ihesum VgGt WgWt F